Saturday, December 26, 2009

Whiny bitchy ranger at Lost Dutchman needs to be fired.

I visited the Lost Dutchman park today; I was paying my fee to get in, and was verbally accosted by the hippy ranger bitching about the deficit. I told him there wouldn't be a deficit if tax payer money wasn't wasted on welfare programs for people who don't deserve it, but then I realized that AZ might save some money by getting rid of whiny bitch libtards like this ranger. If the state has to close the parks for a time to get us back in the black, the state shoud do so. Or they might even consider letting a private organization run the parks on a lease to the state. Either way, they better not even think of raising my taxes to pay for the deficit. They need to get rid of wasteful programs instead and start with whiny hippy rangers.

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