Monday, September 24, 2007

Something wrong with the news today...

Seriously, I've seen some pretty retarded stuff in the news today and being the grammar freak that I am, this one totally pissed me off.

I have crappy dial up on and it comes with a home page that has news articles, sports and weather. One of the articles caught my eye because the use of the word "sword". I like the word sword because it reminds me of knights and samauri and the Bible so when I see that word, I look to read the article. It says Sword-Yielding Man Enters Wrong Place. Sword-yielding??? As in "to give up"??? So some guy walks into the wrong place to GIVE UP HIS SWORD??? What a dufus!!! Samauri swords aren't cheap you know. Many of them are family heirlooms. You don't just walk around giving your sword up.

I suspect the guy was actually wielding the sword, as in to handle, possibly with expertise, as compared to YIELDING which means to GIVE UP, a prominent and typical theme of the left wing media and this only goes to show that these 'tards wouldn't know how to wield a sword if the weapon was duct-taped onto their tiny little wussy libtard fists.

Attached is a photo of someone WIELDING a Sword.

....and here is a photo of someone who yielded....
Slight difference, one looks a little more confident than the other. Man it must have sucked to be french in 1940.

Anyway, I hope my little verb-spat cleared up your thinking.


Blogger spacemonkey said...

Oh it's just a word. Since when did a word ever mean anything?

10:32 PM  
Blogger arclightzero said...

Moonbunny, you rock! I don't know why I haven't been to your site before, but now that I have I just have to say that your my new hero :)

3:55 PM  
Blogger GrannyBoo said...

Say, Shimauma! Wanted to reply to something you asked on my Ronin profile over at IMAO.

No, it doesn't hurt. It's natural. God planned us this way. Just don't let anybody give you synthetic replacements for what your body doesn't need anymore. Remember: they're not hot flashes, they're POWER SURGES! Even at that, it's just a feeling of warmth that goes from your toes on up and out the top of your head. By the time I figured out I was hot it would be over. Also, think of how much $$ you'll save on FHP (feminine hygiene product). I enjoy the freedom of not having to plan bathroom access every few hours one week a month. No cramps, no bloating, no PMS. The list goes on and on. Enjoy!

Oh, and the rant about verbs was spot on.:)

7:16 AM  

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