Monday, September 24, 2007

Something wrong with the news today...

Seriously, I've seen some pretty retarded stuff in the news today and being the grammar freak that I am, this one totally pissed me off.

I have crappy dial up on and it comes with a home page that has news articles, sports and weather. One of the articles caught my eye because the use of the word "sword". I like the word sword because it reminds me of knights and samauri and the Bible so when I see that word, I look to read the article. It says Sword-Yielding Man Enters Wrong Place. Sword-yielding??? As in "to give up"??? So some guy walks into the wrong place to GIVE UP HIS SWORD??? What a dufus!!! Samauri swords aren't cheap you know. Many of them are family heirlooms. You don't just walk around giving your sword up.

I suspect the guy was actually wielding the sword, as in to handle, possibly with expertise, as compared to YIELDING which means to GIVE UP, a prominent and typical theme of the left wing media and this only goes to show that these 'tards wouldn't know how to wield a sword if the weapon was duct-taped onto their tiny little wussy libtard fists.

Attached is a photo of someone WIELDING a Sword.

....and here is a photo of someone who yielded....
Slight difference, one looks a little more confident than the other. Man it must have sucked to be french in 1940.

Anyway, I hope my little verb-spat cleared up your thinking.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I had a great day today hosting my FRED! event at Holland Lake. There were good eats and great company. I especially want to thank Jeff for the extra Thompson2008 signs and bumper stickers.

...and for you doubting thomases out there, just know that one day...THERE WILL BE FRED!