Thursday, January 11, 2007

As you know Moonbunny is just a teen attending public school in a blue state, but she's smart enough to know when she's being taught liberalist dogma. When her social studies teacher sent home a permission slip for her to attend a lecture on Cultural Diffusion, Moonbunny asked me not to sign it as she didn't want to go. When I asked why, she said she spent one hour a day with this leftard and didn't want to spend a whole day with her, especially if she has to pay $5 to attend and buy her own lunch as well. I wrote on the note that Moonbunny did not want to attend and gave the teacher my number if she had questions.

Moonbunny came back and said the teacher took it very hard and told her she'd be spending her day in detention as there was no place else to leave her. I figured Moonbunny could read all day in detention but the idea still bothered me so I emailed the teacher to clarify.

Here is the response I received (I deleted the personal stuff):

-----Original Message-----
From: SXXXXX SXXXXXXD [mailto:deleted]
Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2007 3:36 PM
To: Deleted
Subject: Re: Deleted

XXXX misunderstood. She will not be sitting in detention. She will be
doing work that is meant to replicate waht students will be hearing at
the filed trip.
It will not be as an excitng as day if she had chosen to go on the
field. I do think she is missing out, as I would not have planned a
field tirp if it didn't have educational value. We can't make anyone
go and we do provide them with supervison and activities that are
educational, but not punitive.
hope this clears things up.

OMG!! This is a 9th grade social studies teacher!!! Does she know ANYTHING about proofreading???

I'll get you guys a attachment of the print-out once I figure out how to do it. DERRRR!!


Blogger Space said...

I'd have guessed it was written by a ninth grader.

What a 'tard. Kudo for raising moonbunny up right

7:06 PM  
Blogger Deborah said...

Having graduated 4 children from the educational institution of my somewhat red state (with 2 more to go) all I can say is: Keep fighting the good fight.

Unfortunately this will not be the last dingbat moonbunny will be exposed to, but each time she will become more and more convinced that her parental units are right and some of her teachers are loons.

7:53 PM  
Blogger Matthew said...


Matty G

10:35 AM  

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